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I’ll never forget it.  6th grade sitting in the front of Radio Shack while my mom shopped in Sears.  All I wanted to do was walk around and explore this ‘virtual’ (was that even a word then) world.  Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from it.  My dad, however saw much more.  He saw an opportunity to get me into a much bigger world with a real future.  He roped my mom into getting me the Tandy 1000sx computer with a CM-11 monitor and their highest end Dot-Matrix printer for Christmas that year.  We would play KQ1 and 2 for hours, but we had to look at what else the computer could do for at least 10 to 20 minutes first.  I learned everything about it.  Anytime a game required an upgrade, he an I were in the case adding memory, installing a sound card and eventually getting newer and better PC’s just to play the latest King’s Quest or Space Quest.  I am now an IT professional at a fortune 500 company.  Thanks Dad and Thank you Sierra for all you introduced me to.