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I must be one of the few “oldies” around here, since I wasn’t a kid when I first encountered KQ, actually KQII, but in any event I remember precisely what it was that prompted me to buy a $999 original Tandy 1000 with 128K of memory and one 360K 5¼” disk drive during a jaunt through a Radio Shack in 1985. It happened to be a demo of of the recently released KQII running. I was amazed at the graphics and sound, having previously only owned one computer, a VIC20.

I was 20 at the time, in the military, and I decided to buy the machine along with both KQI and KQII, which were in essence the PCjr versions. Gaming heaven, indeed ;). I also recall that I often bought games from B. Dalton Booksellers during that era.

As others have already alluded to, and I implied above, the original Tandy 1000 was, in essence, a PCjr clone, as it had the same graphics hardware (a 16-color hybrid CGA or “CGA Plus”) and the same TI three-voice sound chip. However, it didn’t share the same keyboard or cartridge ports of the ill-fated PCjr, and also, unlike the PCjr, had great expandibility options.