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I don’t remember a scrolling text thingy at the bottom, but maybe it was. I know that in DOS text seems to disappear, but it is just the text scrolling down to the next line.

I also had the Tandy 1000. Big piece of expensive shtuff. That damn computer erased my disk for KQ1 or 2 because you couldn’t leave the disk in the drive on shutdown. It would erase the contents. I ended up getting a $5.00 replacement from Sierra back then. How cool was that? I was just a stupid 8-9 year old. I only knew I wanted to play the game—I cared nothing about the rest of the computer functionality. LOL

I miss the old days. I would spend hours/days/weeks on those games. I can honestly say it has made me nostalgic and I bought the reissues a couple of years ago. I just wish ViVendi had included ALL THE GAMES in the packs. Sheez.