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It’s true, Vivendi hasn’t contacted me again.  XD  I’m not expecting a reply at all.  I was pretty sure that Oberon and Titania weren’t copyrighted or anything.  They are two mythological people that are used frequently.  The only names I plan to use are “ETHERIA” and the “DRAGONNETS”.  But’s that’s pretty much it.  I don’t think I’d be putting in Oberon and Titania because I’ve been getting serious about my book and the way things have turned out, they don’t fit anywhere in Etheria.  More or less, Etheria has shaped to become an image much that of Olympia, but not at the same time.  I’ve got the gods of my book residing there, so it’s pretty different.  I have planned to use the description as Etheria as the land in the sky, with the elaborate scenery but not the same as the KQ version, and the fact that Etheria rests on the clouds.

I think it’s still way too early for me to be contacting a publisher or anyone like that.  Even though I’ve been working on this book for around five years or so, it’s far from finished.  I’ve just gotten my inspiration again and am working around the clock on it’s details.  I’m not even writing the story at this point!  I’m still trying to flesh out the world since I did a crappy job of that at first.