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Well, I’m glad that I did find you!  I thought I’d never be able to get a hold of anyone.  But I understand completely that you and your wife have no ownership of it, and I apologize for stumping you.  If “Etheria” and “the dragonnets” are under Sierra’s copyright law, I’ll be certain to omit their presence in my book, unless given permission.  And I also understand that Sierra would be very reluctant in giving me permission, so I’m prepared to have my request rejected from them.  But thank you so much for your reply.  If, by chance, you find out anything about this case, could you please email me?  It would mean so much.  And I understand that you may be busy and might never come across the answer in this case.  Working around the copyrights, I’ll have to omit and change a lot of things in my book if they refuse to give me permission.  But then again, a very important part of my book would be lost.  I guess that’s the way businesses work.  I’ll be crossing my fingers though.  Thanks Ken!