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The first King’s Quest game I ever played was King’s Quest VII.  We also owned King’s Quest V.  Now I own one through seven.  But I have a serious question concerning copyrights.  I wasn’t sure who I should contact with my questions of concern.  Maybe someone could point me in the right direction or find an answer for me?

Anywho, my concern is: Is the land of Etheria a copyrighted item of Sierra On-Line?  I’ve heard many stories concerning some of the inhabitants of Etheria and I tried to research Etheria online but didn’t find anything.  I am currently writing a book in which I planned to use Etheria as the name as the land in the clouds.  Etheria seems like another term for Olympia, in the sense of mythical stories.

Is Etheria the creation of Roberta Williams and her colleagues?  Or has it been used before in other works?

I’m just wanting to clear up some small issues to avoid lawsuits and problems.  Thank you for reading this.  And I hope I can find what I seek.