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Baggins (the person who created the Shaharazad page in the first place) never thought that the knight was female (the game clearly states that he is a man), he just thought that his name was Shaharazad because of the appearance of the name on the gauntlet, though the name seems to be used as merely a reference to the character, not to the knight himself.

I’m not quite sure what sort of agreement we reached. Baggins has restructured the Shaharazad page to be a description of the “real world” character (mentioning that her name is engraved on the dead knight’s gauntlet) and the dead knight now has a page of his own with no mention of the name that Baggins thinks he has. I asked Baggins where he saw the knight being referred to as Shaharazad in the KQ Companion, and all that he said in response was “To be honest not that big enough of a topic to argue about. I think its a bit better to seperate ‘dead knight’ and Sheherezade into seperate articles, in order to make things cleaner.”

Hey, it’s the fans’ job to point out piffling things! There wouldn’t be anything to talk about in this fandom otherwise.Why the heck was the moon a crescent in the KQ6 intro, yet completely full scarcely a day later in the Realm of the Dead??