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Ya, that’s the one I’ve been working on (based on specific refrences from official material), glad to see people are reading it.

Infact that’s the reason I was asking, since I would have liked to put something for MOE other than just Date Unknown, it doesn’t make for compelling topic you know?

I was hoping Ken could get an answer from Roberta on the issue, that is if she could remember any details, as that is so long ago. 

However,  I was able to get an answer from Mark Seibert, the other producer for the game, and he said;

 I’m sure we had this conversation.  Since Graham is still around, it can’t be too long of a period of time, but I don’t think we ever gave it an exact time frame – I think we merely discussed it in terms of “Graham is now old.”-Mark Seibert, March 11, 2006.

While its not specific, it at least seems to imply it graham may be in his late 60-70s or older. But still not specific enough that I could feel safe about creating a topic on the issue, even using circa notation.