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i dont think its really the games. if they were to release these old games again in a time were the average computer runs windows xp or 2000, it would be a support nightmare for them. most people are not like us and wont be willing to have to use emulators and obscure unlicensed patches to run a game that they just bought as “brand new”. can you imagine how many calls, emails, and returns they would get within the first week of release alone?

the only way i see it as possible is if they actually had somebody update or completely rewrite the AGI and SCI engines to run without error on modern windows machines, and also fixed the timer bugs in each individual game. i think that would cost them too much considering these games would not be top sellers. i guess its possible though. if this is the case i will be one of the first to purchase it, but im not too optimistic. lets hope i guess.