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I’ve seen those EA-stickers in some Sierra-games before (might have been King’s Quests too).

>It’s possible that as these are the EA distributed versions,
>the boxes don’t have the flap covers

I encounter new Sierra variations (mainly old stuff, which I research
the most) almost every other week but even so I find that very unlikely.
(There have been some very odd discoveries though, so you never should
say anything with 100% certainity.)

Those King’s Quests just happen to be in shrinkwrap; either
in original by Sierra, or wrap by: EA/shop that had these/someone else.

I don’t know whether they shrinkwrapped only some games at Sierra’s factory in ~ 1982-1986.
I have some sealed SierraVision (1982-83), Sierra On-Line Inc. (1982-84) -games
and f.ex. a sealed KQ3 (1986) too (not EA-releases).
The game boxes themselves look totally new. Some shrinks look original quality wrappings,
but some on the other hand are obvious rewraps.

So there’s still the possibility even the better wraps were done in
the shop they were first delivered to, and they did a fine job.
(That’d be almost the same as a factory seal, as the
wear from delivery from factory to shop would be minimal.)
Some were shrinked later, maybe even recently, and the boxes
were very lucky to catch virtually no shelf wear.

On-Line Systems and some other early stuff were obviously shrinked,
as the contents would’ve fallen off otherwise :).