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“… (by ) Thank you so much for the quick contact, I realize that KQ is part of Vivendi but I wanted to know how you felt about the games being used. If I get the go ahead, I would like to offer to send the game proposal to you to look over before it is handed in.

Thank you so much for the quick reply and thank you for inspiring me to be a game designer!

I support the fan games and think they are a cool idea (as long as no one gets in trouble). That said, it always seems like a lot of work for a project that is ultimately doomed – because the marketability of the product is so constrained.

It’s very unlikely that Roberta would look at your design. She made the comment the other night that she likes to think forward, not backwards. She is focused on whatever comes next, and doesn’t like to think about things she did before. She didn’t like thinking about Kings Quest 1 when she started on Kings Quest 2, or Kings Quest 2 during Kings Quest 3, etc. She loved the Sierra years (actually decades) – but, they were then and this is now. She refuses to do any interviews or ANYTHING related to the Sierra years.

I’d post your writing here, and see if people will comment on it. My guess is they will. Good luck!

-Ken W