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This is the only ending I can even do at the moment, because I’m having trouble with the game locking up in the swamp (when stick-in-the-mud and rotten tomato are slinging the ooze around). I’ve read a lot of ways to get around this problem, but none of them have worked, so I just have to go the short way. It’s odd, because I’m not running the game in a particularly new OS…I have an old laptop with Win95 on it (which, of course, is still slightly newer than the game!) that I use for playing the old games…and KQ6 is the only one that still gives me technical trouble.

It’s okay though; when I first got the game I played it through the long way over and over…it’s a nice change to have to do it the other way. Despite it being shorter, I do actually think it’s harder this way! I had a lot more trouble figuring out how to do things inside the castle…that portrait thing really stumped me for a long time.