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Im not trying to flame but, Kevin, that was a horrible attempt to support Mask Of Eternity. The Adventure genre is not dead! Myst is still out there! (exile should have been the last), Syberia had fantastic graphics, as well as The Longest Journey (deemed the greatest Adventure game of the year by Pc Gamer).No offence Ken and Roberta, Ive loved your games ever since my family all sat down and tried to figure out why Cedric was such a whimp (haha) but King’s Quest 8 : Mask of Eternity was a horrible game. The graphics were horrible, the camera was even worse, the audio sucked, the music was sub par to the true Kings Quest scores and the gameplay and story were enough to stop me from even finishing. Oh and the lovely fact that it crashed every 5 minutes helped too.If it isnt SUPPOSED TO be KQ, then why on God’s green Earth is it Called KINGS QUEST!?!? The fact that it take place in Daventry is not just.Everyone has noticed the advances that the KQ series had made in their graphics engine (see pics below). They lept from KQ1 to KQ5 to KQ7. If you were to actually think about it, KQ8 was a step back in their graphics department. I would much prefer being able to make out CLEARLY every visible detail on Rosella’s face IN 2-D, rather than looking at Connor’s smudged ugly face. As for the appeasment of the gaming industry for violence and shooting, thats hardly the case. Any good game can be unique in its own way without the shooting. Personally Im sick of seeing all these Battlefield clones and war games. Theres only so many times you can defeat the Nazi’s and retaking Red Square. KQ8 SHOULD have been true to its name and stayed the same layout as the rest of the series, but still in 3D. I think its about time a TRUE King’s Quest 8 came out still involving the royal family. Possibly Rosella and Edgar or Alex and Cassima. King’s Quest 9: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining There are endless possiblities for this series! KQ 7 opened the most posibilities. Roberta……Ken…….If your reading…….ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER………
King’s Quest 1…….ahhhhhh 256 colors…..
King’s Quest 5……..Now theres a classic!
King’s Quest 7……..Definitely the best looking
King’s Quest 8………EWWWWW