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In my opinion, KQ MOE is a wonderful game. I wish people would take their heads out of the sand long enough to realize that it isn’t SUPPOSED to be KQ8, it’s a spin off of the popular series. Although it borrows ideas and characters from the first 7 games, it is not the next chapter, or conclusion. Unfortunately, Roberta Williams is no longer with Sierra, so there won’t be any more official games. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Mask of Eternity, even though I was not a combat gane type of person. Despite how far it departs the norm of the series, it brings a fresh look to the world of Daventry. I am an open minded person, and when I found out Tierra/AGDI was remaking KQ! and 2, I was overjoyed. I loved the original games, but lets face it-it was time for a upgrade. That is what MOE did for KQ. Does anyone really think another game revolving around the Royal Family would have sold as well? Why do people think the adventure genre died? Because the market is turning to violence and shooting games. MOE was Sierra’s way of keeping up with the times. It’s not their fault that people today can’t appreciate the masterpiece that is Kings Quest. So to all you flamers out there-LEAVE ROBERTA, KEN AND KINGS QUEST MOE ALONE!!!