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Sorry for my terrible English
I never play KQ8 over 15 min . Though it’s not a bad game , but 3D style made me headache . With QFG5 , the 3D style is good and I can play to the end . Perhap KQ8 will be more better if it can be made in 3D style like QFG 5 , Resident Evil .
BTW , the later cartoon-style games of Sierra such as KQ8 , SQ6 are very excellent things . I always love adventure games ( though in this time I use walkthrough more than previous times :)))). They say Adventure is dead , but look at Syberia , Runaway , Black Mirror . If I remember right , adventure games has revived when Tierra out remake of KQ1 . Well , Sierra games create adventure genre and still Sierra games revive adventure genre .