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(re: Kq9)

the people at tierra have said many times that they’d shut down immediately if sierra asked them to. they’re very respectful of sierra as the copyright holders and i’m glad that sierra has let them peacefully coexist (so far, anyway). tierra’s king’s quest 2 remake was the best game i played last year.

i don’t know as much about the KQ9 team (a different group), but i hope they take the same approach — i’ve been hearing bits about their project for a few years now, and am looking forward to what they produce.

as disappointed as i was that sierra abandoned its roots, i have to admit that allowing these fan games to continue is really good of them. at least, if sierra never gives us another oldschool adventure, they’ve “allowed” the release of tierra’s two KQ remakes and hopefully will do the same for Quest for Glory 2. (unlike lucasarts, who is vigilant about shutting down fan projects…) and the tierra team plans to use what they’ve learned doing remakes to go on to make original commercial games… which might help fill the hole for a lot of fans who miss sierra’s good old days.