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(re: KQ6 Opening Movie) Here’s a fun bit of trivia, although it pertains to the opening cartoon to Kings Quest VII, not Kings Quest VI.
I wanted to do something really blow-away and decided to contact Pixar to see if they would be willing to do the opening for KQ7. Pixar was a company formed by Steve Jobs (formerly and currently of Apple) to do major animated films. My memory is that at the time Toy Story, their first film, had just been released or was nearing release.
To my surprise, I got an almost immediate call back from Steve Jobs himself. We had met a few times back at the birth of the industry, but had never really said more than a few words. He was in a very talkative mood, and it wound up being a half hour chat about a wide range of topics. Unfortunately, Pixar was well beyond having any interest in charging me a few hundred grand to do a short animated film, so nothing ever came of it – but, it was fun getting a brief audience with one of the most creative and interesting people of our time.
-Ken W