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(re: a man obsessed!) Wow, that’s really interesting! Please do upload it, if it’s a .mov file, it should be just fine. Upload it to the museum area. I was going to upload the PC demo last night, but I didn’t have time. I’ll upload it tonight for sure. It’s 3 megs. (EDIT: It’s now uploaded in the KQ section of the Museum)
And as for the 30 meg toon.avi, yes, that’s what the PC version CD is on the collector’s CD too. So that’s why I was always confused – because I have an interaction mag that says 50 megs. So was it going to be 50 megs? Was there a longer original version? Was it compressed differently originally? Or was it a typo, and supposed to read 30 megs? I’ll scan that clipping and upload it too. (PS -> very busy at the moment, but I’m not forgetting scanning Interaction magazines project).