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(a man obsessed!)

told you!

screens 1 and 2 show the opening text (notice it’s a different font than in the PC movie). screen 3 shows the first shot after the text, as the “psycho-esque” music starts playing. this is the point where the camera pans down on alexander.

sorry for the low quality, i took screenshots at 256 colors on the mac, and for some reason photoshop wouldn’t let me save them as jpegs…

Valanice does make a brief appearance after Alex looks in the mirror, but there’s no conversation between them.

interesting difference between this short movie and the “extended” one is that Cassima doesn’t actually call out Alexander’s name… he just sees her. so it’s not even clear if she’s thinking about him. this influenced the story for me… until you send Cassima the ring, you don’t know if she actually wants you or not. whereas the extended movie where she calls him (rather blatantly) changes the tone of his voyage…

btw, the mac version had a 3MB movie that used QuickTime. i’m going to see if i can get it running on a PC (wasn’t actually able to run it on the mac without launching the game, so i kind of doubt it)… but if i can, i’ll upload it here.

🙂 emily
KQ6 mac opening movie – screen 1
kq6 mac opening movie – screen 2
kq6 mac opening movie – screen 3