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(re: re: KQ6 Opening Movie) no no, i’m SURE that’s how it went! i’m talking about the mac version (on floppies). i have never seen the PC floppy version.
i was just playing the mac version at my parents’ last week. i wish i’d paid closer attention! i can’t find anything to support me on the web at the moment, but i’ll look around… i’m sure i didn’t make this up!
my KQ6 CD comes with TOON.AVI which is 29.5 MB. it starts off “Long ago, in the castle of a kingdom called Daventry…” then shows Alex sitting with his head resting on his hand, then Valanice comes up and they start talking. (her: please try to think about something else; him: i’ll try, mother.) then the “obsession” music plays and the scene pans down… in the version i remember, the line about Prince Alex being a man obsessed comes instead of the little conversation. Then (on the PC CD I have), Alex and Valanice talk again after he looks in the mirror (but you only see one of them at a time.)
I’m not sure if this is the original CD or a rerelease, but the copyright is 1992-1993. The date on the .avi is 5/7/1993. i haven’t bothered installing it, but it could be that the version that installs with the game (maybe with the DOS version?) is bigger…