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(re: KQ6 Opening Movie) LOL, I don’t think you have it quite right. There was mysterious interesting music, but I don’t remember text that said anything like “a man obsessed.” I guess you’ll have to check yours!
Actually, the conversation with Valanice comes AFTER he looks into the mirror. It’s in the floppy version too, though the camera is more static. One version switched between the two people, and one version showed both on screen at once – I forget which was which. But I remember liking the floppy version here better. As for the bit with the pirates, I believe that was CD only as you say.
Regardless, this intro definitely stands out as one of the highlights of Sierra intros. The whole movie-feel and 3D animation and length make it better than any others. I liked KQ7 intro, *especially* the last line of the song (“I’ll find that magic land / A land beyond dreams” – gave me shivers), but it’s still not as good as KQ6. -…fond sigh…- Yup, KQ6 is definitely the best game Sierra ever made.