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(re: KQ6 Opening Movie) Yeah, 50 megs does seem big. Maybe that was before Sierra compressed it to AVI?
Yeah, the floppy version doesn’t have voices… but on the PC floppy version, it does have Alex’s conversation with Valanice. That’s very interesting! But, the floppy version has one of those beautiful camera panning shots that is a few seconds longer in the floppy version than in the CD version – and those few seconds are more than worth it, it’s too bad they were cut out on the CD. All in all, I almost prefer the floppy version as well – because it doesn’t have quite as many compression artifacts as you get with the AVI version. I’d go crazy to see the original rendered version. I don’t suppose you have a video tape copy or something Ken?
Anyway, I remember now that I have a demo for the floppy version with just the intro, so it’s pretty small. At the least, I could upload that here when I get home tonight.