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I have the original CD at home. I’ll check the size of that movie for you. I first played the mac version of the game (on 9 floppies!) and it has a shorter intro movie than the “expanded” one on the Windows multimedia CD. If I remember correctly, the entire mac installation (game, movie, and “halfdome” logo movie) was 25 MB.

It’s funny… I actually like the shorter movie better. It’s probably because I watched it so many times as a kid, now when I see the long one it doesn’t mesh with how I remember the movie being. The one on the mac version didn’t include Alexander’s conversation with Valanice and the boat ride’s a little shorter (you don’t see any of Alex’s “mates” on the boat). The mac movie didn’t have voices, either… I guess the voices could really up the size of the movie (but 50 megs still seems high).