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I also believe KQ4 was the first SCI game. but what I’m hearing is that the IIGS version wasn’t truly SCI… maybe Ken can answer when he checks back in. (as far as I know, KQ4 was also the last game to be made for the Apple IIGS.)

as for the AGI version, you can download it from abandonware sites. (I don’t see the harm in this, considering Sierra never really made it available!) Strangely enough, I think I once owned a copy… we had tech problems with KQ4 and tech support sent us a new copy. Their standard response to KQ4 tech problems was to send an AGI version, assuming the SCI version wouldn’t work. The replacement disks they sent us were DOS, we needed Apple versions (we did have a DOS computer but it only used 5″ floppies, and these were 3.5″ inch). It finally got straightened out, but those DOS disks were sitting around my house for YEARS… we never did see what was on them. So frustrating for me to learn later that they probably contained the rare AGI version of the game!

🙂 emily