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At least as far as I see it the Software Publishers have actively defended their copyrights on the actual games.  Beyond that there is still a potential revenue stream back to the copyright holders which I’ve personally always felt was a good place to draw the line.  If it is possible to purchase a game in such a way that the money makes it’s way back to the legal copyright holder than I will always do that and it should be done that way.  On that same hand I see little distinction between downloading and purchasing a used copy of a game through Game Stop or EBay.   In both cases the money never makes it way back to the copyright holder (I doubt many EBay sellers are sending royalty checks to Activision). 

Long story short Sierra Gamers won’t host any game files because while the ethical and moral questions aside there is very little question that doing so we would capital-I Illegal.  That being said I would personally have no problem whatsoever with finding, downloading and playing a copy of the King’s Quest IV AGI since there is no legitimate way to purchase a copy in such a way that the money returns to the copyright holder.  I think your efforts to find and secure a stable copy for the Sierra community is laudable.  If I know this message board well enough I feel certain that a few people will likely be contacting you to get a copy for a Digital Archival project I know is in the works.