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No, seriously, I remember writing Sierra about this. The person who wrote back told me to go back and play the bones. This would trigger the path to the proper ending.

Then again, we could both be right. Maybe the game contained multiple ways of doing it. (The version I have is the first CD release in the flat, white box.)

All the same, my two favourite King’s Quests are 3 and 5.

KQ3, I reckon, was a work of genius. Roberta Williams took a single location (which featured for 95% of the game) and wove an engaging storyline around it. And the whole twist ending! And the intricate puzzles! I just loved it.

Though I do reckon KQ5 is better and possibly one of the top five adventure games ever produced by Sierra. It was the most epic of any King’s Quest, crossing many lands and a wide variety of original characters. Moreover, Graham truly suffered for his family. He showed such great courage, loyalty and fortitude, which made me really respect and like the character. King Graham loved his family and was prepared to fight for them to the bitter end! (And all without glaring inconsistencies in the storyline or shallow plotting.) I truly believe KQ5 to be Roberta Williams’s best game.