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(KQ7 illogical puzzle / using walkthroughs) How … are you supposed to know using the comb on Valanice will make her cry?

Yeah, I have to confess that I used a walkthrough for some parts of KQ VII. I did very much enjoy it though. But I was somewhere at the age between childhood (where I didn’t know of, couldn’t get, or didn’t need walkthroughs) and adulthood (where I know I’ll be more satisfied if I finish the game without a walkthrough, and refuse to use one on principle).

As for the comb puzzle, I guess it’s justifiable because you can use the comb on yourself at any time, and as you start the game, it’s likely you should look in your inventory, find out what you have, and hopefully try clicking the comb on yourself. Then you see that she cries. Then later you’re supposed to make the connection of using Valanice’s tears.