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Thanks for the help guys! Together we might eventually be able to scrape together bits and pieces to form a decent credits list. 🙂

I recently collected voice samples for every character in the game for reference to the voice actor auditions for the KQ9 fangame that’s soon to be held. You can tell from the voices that many actors played several characters. The full cast list is probably not very long.

Josh Mandel recently mentioned in an interview at Ugarte’s Dimension of Fantasy that he played the genie (Shamir Shamazel) in KQ6, which was a surprise to me. I’m sure I recognise his voice as one of the druids and Oxymoron as well. Josh, since you check in here from time to time, if you’re reading this, do you remember any more voices you did for KQ6 and who did some of the other parts? Who played Cassima for instance?