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(re: Animation Tools for Kings Quest VII?) I believe you mean KQ7 Ken, you must have just missed the key on the keyboard 🙂 Yes, the KQ7 opening / closing were pencil sketch animation, as with the whole game. At this time Sierra started contracting animation houses to do different chapters / sections of the game, and you can see them listed in the game documentation.
Also you mentioned AGI Studio. That is not Sierra’s propriety software. That is a fan-made creation to interpret AGI games. Still, I guess that’s the closest thing to “in-house” software that you’re going to get. Sierra would never release their development tools, even if they’re 20 years old (a shame).
Now, the KQ6 opening was done by Kronos, and as I mentioned before, I would do (almost) anything to see the original video render of that sequence before it was made low-resolution for the game (assuming that such an original was even made and still exists). I don’t suppose you found a copy of that in your videos Ken? 😉