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(re: Problems with KQ V —-> Dark Forest) If you are talking about getting the Windows version of KQ6 going on Windows XP, it is more involved than that. You’ll need to have VDMSound installed on your system to do it, but you will need it to play the older KQ games with audio, anyway.

1) Download VDMSound from  and install it.

2) Go to the KQ6 shortcut in your start menu and right click on it and choose “Properties”. Copy what is in the “Target:” box and paste it in Notepad. Save it in the games folder as KQ6.bat.

3) Copy the file “RESOURCE.AUD” from the CD to the installed game folder on your hard drive.

4) Open your game’s installed folder on your hard drive and if you find the file “HDLOGO.AVI,” delete it. Open the file “SIERRA.INI” (it may be in a sub-folder named “WIN”) in Notepad. Look for the lines:




(Note, yours may be different, depending on what letter drive your CD-ROM is.) Chang this to:




Note that there should be a backslash after the “D:” and the “=.” but, it doesn’t show on this board.

5) Right click on the file in the installed folder, “SCIWV.EXE” and go to the Compatibility tab and choose Compatibility mode for Win 98 or Win 9, 256 colors. do the same for the file you made earlier, “KQ6.bat”

6) Now all you have to do is right click on the .bat file you made and choose “♫ Run with VDMS” (the one with the musical notes) and the game should run.

You will find a new file in the installed folder — “KQ6.VLP” When you want to play the game after this, just double click on this file. You can copy this file to your desktop, your start menu or where ever you find easy to get at to run the game.