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The Windows version of King’s Quest V checks your screen resolution/color depth before it starts. If it does not find 640 x 480 resolution , 256 colors it will quit the game before it even starts. On Windows XP “Compatibility Mode” will let you set older games to run at this resolution/colors, but KQ5 checks before Compatibility Mode can change it.

To get around this problem, you will need to set your resolution down before you launch the game. This can be done in the advanced settings of your display settings dialog. A more convenient way to do this is to make a batch file to replace the Windows shortcut for the game. To do this:

1) Right click on the KQ5 shortcut, choose “Properties” and copy what is in the “Target” box

2) Open Notepad, paste what you copied into it and save it with a “.bat” extension, such as KQ5.bat

3) Right click on this bat file and go to the compatibility tab to set the bat file for 640 x 480 and 256 colors.

When you double click on this bat file, Compatibility Mode will change your resolution and launch the game. When the game starts, it will already be 640x480x256 and will then run.