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(re: Cartridge Based (KQ5)) Alright I moved this post to the KQ chat area and I changed the title of your post slightly to better reflect the content.
Yes it is KQ5, and I have seen the actual game played on a Nintendo system… and of course you can see copies of it going for sale on eBay (although I haven’t yet found one with manual and / or box in good condition for my collecting satisfaction).
The game was done by KONAMI. Interestingly enough, when the Sierra logo comes up it’s “Sierra Design.” The graphics aren’t that great and of course the interface is a pain. But, if you can warp your thinking to handle the interface, and if you’re a big Sierra fan (as I guess many people on these boards are), it can still be fun to play and also very interesting of course from a historical perspective. We discussed this recently before (I’ll have to see if that thread is appropriate to move to this chat area, or you can try and find it yourself) and there’s a few of us here who have an NES emulator and a ROM of the game. Someone said (I forget who at the moment) that they were working on getting together a huge collection of screen captures from the game for us all to see. So that will be neat.
While we’re talking about game cartridges… the other Sierra game that went to cartridge was KQ1 for Sega’s SMS. Again, not great graphics but a very interesting interface. I’ve acquired an SMS emulator and a ROM of the game, so I am in the process of doing a whole ton of screenshots for that one. What is super-interesting about this one is the interface. KQ5 on the NES did a copy of the cursor interface. But for the SMS, they had to invent a new interface because KQ1 relied on typing. So guess what they did? They made an interface similar to the early LucasArts games. It’s pretty cool overall, it’s much more playable than the NES KQ5 (KONAMI would have done well to make such an interface instead). I will get those screenshots up in the museum area… sometime soon. I’m attempting to be as thorough as possible.