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(re: KQ III and IV) Probably cheaper. In fact, you’d be surprised just how many little variations there are between Sierra releases… I don’t even mean classification of releases by their major actual different releases. For example, vintage-sierra lists 2 versions of KQ3 I think. Well, I have a sub-version of KQ3’s second release, where the manual doesn’t have the blue border on the front, instead the border is just black. Why? Cheaper to print again probably. That’s assuredly not the only reason things were changed… but often there were sub-versions like this where little things got changed. Anyway, it sure would make an interesting study, but sadly I’m sure no such records exist and we can’t count on the helpfulness of all collectors to tirelessly document their stuff.
Woohoo! New scanner tomorrow! I can’t wait. If anyone reads this before tomorrow morning, tell me what you think of this one. The one thing I wish was more common was a larger scanning area for over-sized material.