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(re: KQ III and IV) Both disk and CD versions came with the Guidebook – the disk version the taller, oversized one, the CD version the smaller, square one. Collector, look forward to seeing your PDF of the tall one (as well as the other stuff you’re working on). I myself have the tall one and not the square one – I’d be interested to know if there’s any differences between them besides re-formatting that had to occur because of the size change? Did anything get left out?
Collector, I will do the KQ4 manual very soon… I’m getting my new scanner tomorrow.
The website is excellent for seeing all the different versions of the games. This guy has a very complete collection. I’ve talked with him before about sending him some scans for his site of stuff he doesn’t have etc., maybe he could contribute to, and other things as well – but alas, he is not very good at responding to emails. Oh well, I’ve been talking recently with another collector who has a great collection of Sierra stuff who may be willing to contribute some scans of rare material, etc.