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(re: KQ III and IV) Ken said he didn’t want games put up for download, but he didn’t mind links to sites with the games on them.
I’m sure he said something about manuals in the past, but I don’t remember and I don’t have it on record. At the least, just as with games, he probably wouldn’t mind a link posted to a site that has them. So the question is whether or not he’d mind if manuals were posted.
On the one hand, it wouldn’t be good to just have posts with all the copy-protection information in it. I wouldn’t approve of that. On the other hand, I think it would be perfectly reasonable to post manuals in full in the Musuem area. It’s more arguably the preservation of history than just passing the copy-protection info around. If Ken would allow that, I’ll be glad to get the KQ3 and KQ4 manuals done ASAP, since I will have my new scanner in a couple days. If Ken won’t allow that but would allow links to them, I’ll be happy to stash them elsewhere and offer links.