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Here’s my guess: Edgar/the Troll King intended to pull only Rosella through. Edgar goes around at the beginning of the game addressing Rosella as “Princess”, and the other trolls, Malicia, and Oberon and Titania probably learn from him that she’s a princess, since he knows her already. I don’t recall her ever introducing herself as a princess, and I do remember that Dr. Mort Cadaver addresses her by her name only, without any title.

Valanice, on the other hand, came through by accident, and there’s really no reason for her to go around advertising herself as a queen, since it takes her quite a while to encounter any sort of kingdom-like area, as opposed to Rosella, who starts out in the troll kingdom.

As for the flowers? I have no clue. I don’t think I’ve gotten either of them eaten by the flowers since my first run through the game ten years or so ago.