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(re: Roberta Williams Anthology) Julie – Er… thanks for trying to help, I suppose, but I guess you didn’t read the last paragraph of my post. As I said, despite my initial difficulty, I did eventually manage to get the program installed.

About the VU site not giving any info on the RWA, I was referring to the fact that it doesn’t appear on the dropdowns and doesn’t seem to be acknowledged in any official way by VU. I’m well aware that that this doesn’t prevent people from seeking advice from fellow fans, and in fact had been considering starting a thread about it on the very page you link to (but didn’t do so because I ended up figuring out how to solve the problem myself).

Heidistucky, though, have you tried following Julie’s advice? It doesn’t really help me, since I already managed to get the installation to work, but maybe her advice will work for you…