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(re: Roberta Williams Anthology) I’ve had a copy of the Roberta Williams Anthology for years, but hadn’t gotten around to reinstalling it since getting my new computer; I finally decided to do so, and couldn’t get past the computer test part. Every time it tried to test the CD drive, it would crash with an “integer division by 0” error.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is to mention that I went to the Sierra site to try to find some tech support info on it, and–there’s absolutely nothing about the anthology there. Nada. It doesn’t even appear in the KnowledgeBase dropdown (although other collections, and other products at least as old, do). For some reason VU just doesn’t seem to be acknowledging that the Anthology ever existed…

Oh, well. Anyway, I eventually did get it installed by just skipping the CD test, and played the first few King’s Quests for the first time. (I’m on KQ3 now.) Yeah, I admit, I didn’t have them when they first came out, and I’d never played them before. Though I did play through the first few Hi-Res Adventures as a kid, so I certainly didn’t have an entirely Sierra-free childhood. 😉