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(re: “Derek Karlavaegen”) Alright, so Derek is used in the Companions starting with the very first edition (KQ1 – KQ4), so the character must originate from Spear. When it got around to KQ6, Jane / Roberta decided to use him as the one who wrote the guide.

As for that quote I was talking about, here it is (sorry for any typos, I just got out of bed, but yes, the “add’s” typo is on the actual book)…

First Edition: “The King’s Quest Companion is an interesting blend of fiction and helpful information for playing my games. Anyone interested in reading the story behind King’s Quest or who just needs to be ‘unstuck’ while playing the game will find this book invaluable.”

Second Edition: No quote from Roberta.

Third Edition: “…a wonderful blend of fact and fiction that brings my games to life in an exciting new way. It add’s another fascinating dimension to the entire King’s Quest experience. It is truly a pleasure to read and a must have for anyone hoping to explore the series in greater depth and detail.”

Fourth Edition: Same as Third Edition, without the “add’s” typo.