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(re: “Derek Karlavaegen”) I have all the editions… but I’m at work once again. I might check when I get home… In the meantime, Jane worked with Roberta on KQ6 of course, so if Jane got the credit for the manual, I’d still consider anything in it canon as far as Roberta is concerned. Regardless if Spear borrowed the name from Jane / Roberta or if it was the other way around, that doesn’t make anything that Spear wrote canon. I guess I’m just a purist, I only consider the facts in the games themselves and their manuals to be the authority on what is King’s Quest. Still, as I mentioned I do remember there was a quote from Roberta on one of the Companion books… so I’ll look up that and check the different editions when I get home today, unless of course someone beats me to it.

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