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OK here’s the KQIV one. I didn’t touch it, no color correction, no cloning-out of defects, nothing. I only tried to make each set of pages straight (I based it off the left page, so that means sometimes the right page is going to be a bit crooked because they’re not perfect). Anyway, let me know what you think.

It’s almost a 14 meg file for 10 pages – each page was between 500-600 kb. Each page was 300 DPI but saved low quality, JPG level 3. I think it prints well. In a way I prefer no level correction, because then you get the feel of the real manual where the pages are actually thin enough to see through. If everyone screams though, I’ll do a basic level correction to make the slightly-darker background slightly lighter (making the background tone a bit truer, and eliminating a bit of the see-through).