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Ah, KQ3!  My favorite Sierra game of all time.  I loved the breadth of the story…  moving all the way from Manannan’s captive, down to the “big wild world” below, and the first game to really have a proper story.  A huge leap from the somewhat arbitray nature of KQ1 and 2.

I still remember the leaping excitement in my heart when mum took me and my brothers into Tandy in Melbourne city, down those steps into the store below, to look for the latest Sierra Adventure Game, and to hold the box and see the picture on the front, and already, all the possibilities of that world, filling me with excitement.  
Haha!  It was amazing, the physical effect these games had on me as a youngster!  Running home from school, waiting every day, would KQ4 have arrived in the letter box yet???  Is it in there today?  Heart beating with excitement!  Haha.  Aghh, those magical gold boxes.  So nicely presented.
I guess it was the magic of entering that world yourself.  Going right in there and facing the baddies!  Trying to solve the dilemmas of a land, and it’s citizens, all beseiged by troubles and dangers!