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    I noticed that no one responded on the forum to your question(s) so I’ve decided to answer them. 

1. Does anyone know if you can switch back and forth between DOS and Windows?  Yes, you can potentially configure a system (with some additional software) to boot into multiple operating systems and using that software to go back and forth however most people when dealing with DOS software with a computer running a new(er) version of Windows will use emulation software.

2. How can you access DOS in Windows?  If you mean, how to get a DOS or command prompt, you can easily type in the CMD command to get a command window and type in some DOS commands there.  I do believe that you’re probably asking how to RUN DOS in a Windows environment.  Most people probably use an emulator such as DOSBox.  You can find more information about it at

3. How to find if my system has DOS Box installed already?  You’ll usually see an icon for it either on your desktop and/or in the Programs area in your Start Menu.  You can also visit the website mentioned above to learn more about where the program installs.

I hope this answers your questions.