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Hey, thanks!  I ended up just skipping it and moving on, only to get stuck again later thanks to technical problems – after Minos breaks the prophecy stone the game freezes up rather than going to the cut-scene movie of the dragon rising, and it would seem that no amount of messing around with sound/video acceleration or other settings can fix it.  So hell, I wouldn’t have been able to finish the game with all the points anyway, since finishing the game at all seems impossible!

*sigh* I really wish I could get my old win95 laptop to work again.  It was good for playing old games without annoying issues, even if it wasn’t good for anything else!  I haven’t been able to get KQ6 to work on my newer computer for a while either (tried VDMSound, DOSBox, messing with all kinds of settings and junk… but after installation, opening the game just manages to give me a suddenly appearing/disappearing window), which is odd because I played it a few years ago on this very same computer with no problems. Smiley