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Schubert, Scott, 2006-04-24 11:47:24

I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about when Sierra Online was going to bring The Realm to AOL…

My recollection is that all of the discussions with AOL took place AFTER TSN/INN was sold to AT&T.

INN may have owned The Realm completely.

Here’s what happened:

1) Sierra founded TSN alone
2) In approx. 1995 we sold half to AT&T
3) The two companies feuded endlessly
4) We resolved it  by selling all of TSN to AT&T, with a royalty agreement to Sierra on games we would produce
5) The press release you quote is confusing to me, in that at the time, I don’t believe Sierra had an ongoing economic interest in ‘The Realm’, although I guess we did — and I’ve forgotten it.

-ken W