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Not off the top of my head.

This was over 10 years ago, and The Realm was only one of 20+ games running on The Sierra Network. Most of my meetings at the time had to do with the marketing, technical and financial aspects of the overall network. I attended MANY meetings on server and network plans, but I was the last person to ever get involved in plot/character issues. On those types of issues I always left the thinking to the creative team.

TSN (The Sierra Network) was in a seperate building, which we called the old barn, in Oakhurst. Their offices were a couple miles from corporate, and they were set up as an independent business unit. I visited them perhaps once or twice a week.

They had extreme visibility in the organization, in that it was a project of huge dimensions for Sierra. Although they were an infintesimal part of our revenue, they were a major part of our spending. Some thought it was a project that should be shut down, and others thought it was the next big thing. These were the pre-internet days, and had we stuck with it — it probably would have been something enormous.

Sierra was a public company at the time, and TSN was a large drag on earnings. I spent a lot of time on the road explaining to the financial community why this was a justified expense, and raising money to fund the project. At one point I raised $50 million primarily to fund the TSN effort.

-Ken W