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I’m a huge fan of the QFG series (Hero’s Quest was the first computer game I picked out at the store, brought home, and played). Anyhow, I got the demo also (a 30 day trial) in 1999 or so and it was a 30 day trial. After that it was $4.99 per month or $50 per year.

Sierra sold it to Codemasters, and they sold it to Norseman Games (a company owned by a longtime player). I’m an addict, especially since Norseman took over and they’ve been improving the game so far. They want to develop the next version (4.0) so they had to raise the price two bucks to $6.99/month or $70 a year.

Many of the players on there are longtime Sierra gamers, who like the nostalgic look and don’t mind paying for it since it’s much cheaper than everything else out there.

Do you guys know anything about its origin? I.e. funny stories, weird trivia, etc?