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Hey everyone, its me again Brent.

Just wanted to say that im sorry that i had never gotten by to actually uploading those quest for glory scans.  I really had intended to have that all done, but for some reason i just couldnt get the plan to work out for me.  I know that this message was done like 6 yrs ago, which was also like the last logon that ive actually done to this site.  Kinda sad.  Sorry Again but i would like to redirect you to someone who has already done this favor and also who deserves full credibility for it (cant think of his actual name as of now, but im sure he is notated for in the downloads section).  Here are the actual full quest for glory manual scans for games 1-5 i believe.   Sorry it took so long to do this, but when i came back up again on this, remembering, i felt i needed to make up for it somehow.  Even though these scans, like i’ve said, were not compiled by me, they are still free source and i would like to make sure every fan of the series has their chance at having their own copies!  😀


the link to the quest for glory archive (the manuals are all available, just right click and save as over the picture and itll save as the complete .pdf of that manual as scanned)

the link to the actual homepage, of which, deserves full credability to and also a great source for all things sierra is the Sierra Vault Archives!


yes, keep questing

(yes, i was