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(re: QFG1 FULL FACS MANUAL on it’s way!) If all goes well for me to do this, I have some more real great rarities I wanna send out for everyone, I’m happy that i’m able to share with everyone these things, cuz i’ve looked and looked, and it’s really tough to find full manuals of these kinda things. So I plan to fix all that if i’m able to that here. I’ve managed to collect a lot of these Sierra Games, about every KQ and SQ and QFG in complete boxes. And I know how “easy” it is to find that kinda stuff, so im gonna put my best into getting a copy for everyone here who hasn’t already gotten em.
Oh, and whoever sent the QFG2 map, THANKS alot, i lost that thing, but now i actually just printed up a full sized one. Whatta dork I am!
I’ve also got the Tech manual for QFG1Remake scanned inside and out, it’s a tech manual, i think, but it’s got tons of pictures in it worth seeing.
Thanks for leaving me a message Ken! 🙂
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