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(My memories as well) I believe it was the summer of 94 or 95, (whichever came after my 7th year in public school,) and I had just finished my frankenstien project. I had saved my dad around a thousand dollars by building our new computer piece by piece buying the parts from computer shows. The process took about six months, and on the way I learned amazing things. First, if you work on the computer at school in the computer lab without too much teacher supervision during your study hall and teacher asisstant hour and you wire a power supply backwards, a cloud of smoke appears and everyone gets to go outside for twenty minutes. Another was that dropping a hard drive tends to end it’s life (adios, two hundred dollars, i.e. three weeks wages at 7 mile fair.) Further it’s all worth it when the first game you buy is The Quest for Glory. I loved it so much I bought the sequel which had come out some years earlier. I couldn’t figure out for the longest time why the graphics were so much better on the first game in the series. I have since figured it out. I soon after bought wages of war while waiting for shadows of darkness per the decieving end credits of QFG2. During the day I was a computer geek nobody really cared for, but at night I came alive in these games. I saved an ungrateful prince, a grateful princess, a strange court jester, met the most whimsical and loveable wizard of all time, killed trolls, rode on a saurus, stopped a war, saved a land from more strange ooze, chased away an ogress only to make her a pie, and I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt. But I do have the happiest nights of my young adult life to thank sierra, ken and roberta, and of course Lori and Corey (by the way Corey, there’s not an e in your name even if 9 out of 10 grammer school teachers agree with you) for. Love and gratitude and of course thank you.
-Cornell Weber
Milwaukee, WI